The Strait of Bonifacio: Intertwining History and Nature

The Strait of Bonifacio (i.e. the strait of sea that separates Sardinia from Corsica) is a place where history and nature intersect in an incredible symphony of beauty and charm.

Also known as the “Mouths of Bonifacio”, the Strait has played a crucial role in the historical and maritime affairs of the Mediterranean.

Their strategic geographical position has made these waters a vital maritime route since the origins of maritime history: the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, and the Byzantines are just a few of the civilizations that have habitually crossed this stretch of sea, which was often disputed and caused numerous conflicts.

The port city of Bonifacio, located on the southern tip of Corsica, was founded by the Genoese in the 9th century and played a key role in the surveillance of sea routes and coastal defense, as evidenced by the majestic Citadel.

The Strait of Bonifacio is also wrapped in ancient legends and myths.

One of the most famous is that of King Alfonso V of Aragon. According to legend, he allegedly swam across the strait together with his horse and, because of this, a statue in his honor stands on a viewpoint near the Citadel.

In addition to its fascinating history, the Mouths are also a sanctuary for marine biodiversity – simply think of the Lavezzi Archipelago, located off the strait, which is a wildlife sanctuary populated by numerous species of birds, fish and mammals.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply looking for memorable adventures, this stretch of sea offers a unique experience that will stick in the memory of anyone who had a chance to cross it.

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