Sailing events in Costa Smeralda in September 2023

2023 is a special year for sailing enthusiasts in Costa Smeralda.

Two of the most prestigious events of the sail discipline will be held right in the northeastern waters of Sardinia: the Scandinavian Gold Cup and the Class 5.5 World Championship

Class 5.5 boats are known for their elegance, and racing in this category is a fascinating display of technique and strategy. In addition, because of the constant winds and spectacular sailing conditions, Costa Smeralda is the ideal setting for this type of boating.

The Scandinavian Gold Cup (from 20 until 24 September 2023) is one of the most established sailing tournaments in the world, as well dedicated to elegant Class 5.5 boats. Founded in 1919, it used to feature Scandinavian nations competing against each other for the title until this year, when the Gold Cup will be hosting crews from all over the world, making the event even more competitive and international. 

The Class 5.5 World Championship (from 24 until 29 September 2023) will see the best crews in this category compete for the title of world champion. Participants will compete in a breathtaking setting with panoramic views of the Sardinian coastline.

It goes without saying: in addition to the racing, visitors will have the chance to explore the natural beauty of Costa Smeralda, snorkel in its crystal clear waters and enjoy its vibrant nightlife.

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