The Guardian of Budelli

The Island of Budelli, located in the Maddalena Archipelago off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, is famous for its pink beach and unspoiled nature. However, behind this wonderful island lies the fascinating story of the guardian of Budelli, a lone hero who dedicated his life to protecting this natural treasure. Mauro Morandi is the name of the guardian who, in 1989, embarked on a sailing adventure in the Mediterranean.

His trip was supposed to be temporary but, due to a breakdown of his boat, he decided to dock on the island to have the boat repaired. What was supposed to be a brief pit stop turned into love at first sight for this land.

Since that day, Mauro dedicated his life to protecting Budelli from irresponsible visitors and the many occasions this corner of Paradise was risking to be contaminated. 

Mauro faced many challenges and legal battles to keep the island’s natural beauty intact. Over the years, in fact, the Island of Budelli was in danger of being sold to real estate developers who wanted to turn it into a tourist resort.

Mauro fought hard to protect the area with the support by the local community, environmental organizations and enthusiasts from all over the world. He supported campaigns to preserve the island and fought for Budelli’s recognition as a World Natural Heritage Site.

After years of legal battles and environmental struggles, in 2021 Mauro Morandi decided to leave his role. 

Despite his departure, his commitment and dedication have left a mark on the island and its conservation plans.

Today, the Island of Budelli still is protected as part of the Maddalena Archipelago National Park, and is subject to strict regulations to preserve its fragile ecosystem and ensure its environmental sustainability.


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